Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Eco-friendly note taking for old school

While digital note taking is gradually catching up with next gen, earlier generation still prefers the pen and paper approach. Note taking many a times in our day to day routine, is very ad-hoc and unstructured. This leads to notes getting scattered across various books or pages which have high chances of getting misplaced. Plus gradual accumulation of lot and lot of old books. With many individuals doing note taking in similar manner we end up cutting more and more trees and damaging the nature with every passing moment.

So what can we do in order to make our note taking eco-friendly as well as not requiring extreme changes in our note taking habits? In this article I talk about my eco-friendly note taking habits. For this we use following things:

With all this in place how do we go about note taking? Here is what I usually do:

  • I take notes as per my requirement (daily/weekly)
  • Scan to PDF using the app suggested above and share it if notes are to be shared
  • Then on every weekend erase the book using eraser.

This way I'm able to reuse a single book for several months there by reducing stack of notebook which would pile up otherwise. Plus scanning the articles helps me maintain the notes for long term basis without worry about loss and wear and tear of pages.

If more and more people follow similar approach or something on these lines we can certainly reduce the amount of trees that need to be cut there by protecting nature.