Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Customising User registration form in buddy press

Its been quite a while since i have posted anything. So today i will be posting on how to customize user registration form. Now here's a quick overview of what i m talking about.

What is buddy press
Buddy press is a plugin of wordpress that converts a wordpress from a blog to a social network.

What is the issue faced?
Buddypress comes with a predefined user registration form. Now if users wish to customize it normal problem that they face is that submission doesnot occur and there no display showing some error in process (problem that i will address in this post.)

Now in order to customize it 1st thing you must try to find out what is getting submitted when u submit the form. Like in our case the requirement was that we needed js validation before the form could even submit so that most of the validation is done on client side. For this reaon i wrote a js function and changed the submit buttons functionality in order to trigger that function on submit. This is where we encountered issue. of form not being submitted.

Then i compared the post values that were being submitted with the original form and with the form i modified and found out that root cause of this problem was one of the parameters required for submission to be successful was being sent in post by button. (the value of the button itself).

So inorder to overcome this issue here's what i did:
1. i created a input of type text.
2. i set its display to none via css
3. and assign it the value of the button. (value of button in original form)


My custom user registration form is working :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Internet Explorer 6 continues to haunt us cause many essential services still support it

Many IT professionals and IT companies have been trying to get "Internet Explorer 6" outta market. Many sites came to make people aware that IE6 is dead. But still IE 6 is being used. Some use it outta ignorance, while some use it cause they are forced to use.
I myself hate IE6 cause of it inability to render most of the cool things that other browsers do easily. However i was recently forced to use IE6, mainly cause my bank didnt support any other browser. I had faced similar kind off situation earlier with our college website which would render ok only on IE6.
The worse part is that even sites of big education bodies such as mumbai university have sites that only runs on IE6.. (now they have updated it to run on any version of IE but still only on IE).
I pray that the day soon comes that developers and designers start making site compatible with all browsers. Atleast completely functional on all browsers.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Release of the month

Release of the month

Friday, July 16, 2010

Resizing Background to fit in any screen resolution without repeats

Ever wondered how to use actually picture like a photo or something in your background without worrying about how it will be rendered in various resolutions?
Here is a solution for the issue. It is possible using Jquery and CSS. The logic for this task is very simple: Detect the browser window width and height and assign those values to the background image.
Now here points to keep in mind are that the background image is not to be specified in CSS. For this task create a div with lowest z-index value and place your background image inside it using img tag. Also assign it an id.
You can detect browser width and height using jquery's width and height function as follows:

Store these values in a variable and again use the same width and height functions to assign those value to the image. For that just replace the window in earlier example with reference to your background.
Have a nice day :)